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Bad look from Ben McAdoo in calling out Eli Manning – NBCSports.com

For at least one night, Giants coach Ben McAdoo’s hairstyle was only his second-worst look.

McAdoo had no qualms about publicly calling out quarterback Eli Manning for a delay-of-game penalty that ultimately forced a field goal when the Giants trailed by 10 points in the third quarterback. It was a surprising, and unnecessary, moment.

“Sloppy quarterback play,” McAdoo said regarding the failure of Manning to snap the ball before the play clock struck double zero. McAdoo defended his decision not to call a timeout from the sideline “because we have a veteran quarterback who’s played a lot of football [and] I expect us to get the ball snapped.”

But McAdoo also pointed out that the officials dropped the flag faster than usual, taking away the beat that usually is inserted between the expiration of the clock and the move to stop play. (This process became a real issue in January 2009, during a playoff game between the Ravens and Titans.) So why not just use that as the excuse, instead of singling out Manning for criticism?

Making McAdoo’s move even more Brylcreem-covered head scratching was the fact that it came on the night the Giants commemorated the 10th anniversary of the Super Bowl XLII championship, which never happens without Eli. Ditto for Super Bowl XLVI, giving Eli a pair of championships as part of a career that ultimately will entail far more accomplishments for the franchise than McAdoo will ever have.

Maybe it’s McAdoo’s way of holding everyone accountability, by showing that he’s willing to criticize Eli Manning not just in the locker room but before a room full of reporters and cameras. Or maybe the Giants are in the early stages of what will be an awkward divorce with Manning, pushing him away before he chooses to leave and forcing him to finish his career elsewhere, like his brother did.

Come 2018, there will be only $12.4 million in dead money remaining on Eli’s deal, allowing the Giants to easily absorb the cap consequences that would come from cutting Eli. If McAdoo and the front office decide that the team has come to rip the Band-Aid right off, it won’t hurt nearly as much as it could.

Regardless of why it happened and where it’s going, the current treatment of Manning fits the organization as well as that giant suit McAdoo wore to his introductory press conference.

Bad look from Ben McAdoo in calling out Eli Manning – NBCSports.com

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