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7 things to know before upgrading to MacOS High Sierra 10.13 – CNET

Photos in High Sierra now has all the adjustment tools easily accessible on the side panel. Lori Grunin/CNET Update 4 p.m. Sept. 25: A previous version of this story advised readers not to update due to a Keychain security vulnerability reported by ZDNet earlier today. Turns out this vulnerability is in a lot of previous versions […]

Microsoft CEO Nadella’s ‘Hit Refresh’: Is a cultural revolution enough to refresh Microsoft? – ZDNet

In my decades of writing about Microsoft, I’ve had the opportunity to interview all three of the company’s CEOs: The brash and brainy Bill Gates, the bombastic, take-no-prisoners Steve Ballmer and the understated yet thoughtful Satya Nadella. Having grown up alongside Microsoft, I understood the cutthroat and competitive ways that shaped the company and many […]

Face ID vs Touch ID: What iPhone X’s new tech needs to win us over – CNET

Apple’s new method for unlocking the iPhone X, called Face ID, certainly raised some eyebrows. Is it secure? Is it necessary? And is really going to be as convenient, if not more so, than unlocking the phone with your fingerprint? This is perhaps the stickiest sticking point: Touch ID has a proven ability to quickly […]

Ken Block’s latest insane drifting video takes place on Pikes Peak – Ars Technica

reader comments 28 That man Ken Block has another Gymkhana video out today. This time, instead of drifting his way through a city or abandoned factory, he’s upped the stakes. You see, Mr. Block took his Ford Mustang up to the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado. Yes, that Pikes Peak, the one that runs […]

Siri and Spotlight will now use Google, not Bing, for Web searches – Ars Technica

reader comments 27 As of today, searching the Web with Siri or Spotlight on iOS and macOS devices will show you results from Google, not Microsoft’s Bing search engine. This ends a Bing integration that was introduced in iOS 7 back in 2013. Google was already the default search engine in Safari in both iOS […]

Microsoft looks to the cloud to expand its security offerings – TechCrunch

Ignite is Microsoft’s main annual conference for bringing together its enterprise users and IT community. It’s no surprise then, that security is one of the main topics at the event, with about almost 150 sessions dedicated to the topic. And just as unsurprisingly, Microsoft is also using the event to announce a number of new […]

TrueDepth Camera System is Primary Reason for Slow iPhone X Production – Mac Rumors

40-50 million of PreOrders would honestly be just insane. We’re talking 40-50 Billions of sales…. It’ll be a hell of fun this year to watch the launch day crazyness, scalpers, etc. [doublepost=1506350259][/doublepost] doesn’t apple have like $200 billion in the bank? like jesus christ buy some factories, companies, or whatever to get production what it […]

This Levi’s jacket with a smart sleeve is finally going on sale for $350 – The Verge

More than a year after it was announced and two years after we first saw a demonstration of touch-sensitive fabric, the Levi’s jacket with a smart sleeve is finally going on sale. I’ve been wearing this Levi’s Commuter Trucker jacket for a few days now and it’s very nice — it fits well and looks […]

Intel Core i9-7960X review: It beats Threadripper, but for a price – Ars Technica

reader comments 61 Whether the Core i9-7960X was always part of Intel’s plans for the high-end desktop (HEDT), or whether it was haphazardly rushed to market to combat AMD’s bullish Threadripper platform, one thing is clear: Intel once again has the fastest slice of silicon on the market. With 16 cores and 32 threads, matching […]

Microsoft and Facebook just laid a 160-terabits-per-second cable 4100 miles across the Atlantic – The Verge

Microsoft, Facebook, and the telecoms infrastructure company Telxius have announced the completion of the highest capacity subsea cable to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean. The cable is capable of transmitting 160 terabits of data per second, the equivalent of streaming 71 million HD videos at the same time, and 16 million times faster than an […]

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