Remember the Colorado Captain?

His real name is Matthew Gnojek, but he’s the man who dresses up as Captain America and tries his best to brighten up people’s day.

During the presidential election, he went to different precincts congratulating people for voting.

Now, he’s getting ready to ride from Denver to Boston visiting children’s hospitals and surprising kids as Captain America.

“I decided that I really wanted to get into charity work,” said Gnojek.

Giving back is a passion he has always had, and he said he primarily loves helping children.

He’s spending the next 2 months traveling to about thirty children’s hospitals across seventeen different states. It’s a trip that’s going well over 5,200 miles. He is hoping to put smiles on as many kids faces as possible.

“If there is one thing that I think everyone can get behind its building a better future for kids,” Gnojek said. He’s making the journey on his motorcycle.

“There’s a lot of stops in a semi order, some places I might hit on the way there and some on the way back,” said Gnojek.

But the kids won’t be meeting Matthew, they’ll be meeting a superhero.

Here in Denver, he’s known as the Colorado Captain, but they will see him as Captain America.

“I have a Harley and I have a suit and folks tend to think that’s cool so I took it and I ran with it,” he said.

He said although people get excited when they see him, he gets the same feeling when he sees a child’s face light up and it’s been like that since day one.

“I’ll never forget the first kid was in a van and he was slapping the window and gave the kid a salute,” he said.

He’ll be saluting as many kids as possible from September until the end of October

“I’ll be home pretty much Halloween night so it will be great I’ll get back in Denver and I’ll still be in costume,” said Gnojek.

Gnojek said he has a camera built into his hat and he plans to document the entire trip.

He was supposed to leave Saturday but is getting some work done on his bike so he said as soon as all of that is done he’ll be hitting the road.

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