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The 5 Best Skins In Overwatch’s Summer Games Event – Forbes

The new Overwatch Summer Games skins are upon us. We all know that Overwatch is really only half a competitive shooter and half a virtual action figure collection, and this new set of skins rounds things out nicely. We’ve got a set of sports-themed skins like we’ve seen before, but it’s the summer fun-themed beach skins where this thing really shines, showing us some of our favorite heroes at leisure. The results are excellent. There are some other great skins in the mix, but here are my five favorite skins from Overwatch’s Summer Games event.

Grillmaster 76 (Soldier 76): The winner is so obvious it barely needs mentioning, but I’ll do it anyway: Barbecue Dad Soldier 76 is a stone-cold griller. Everything about this skin is near perfect, from the “raise the steaks” combat apron to the cargo shorts and the sandals with socks. If you look closely, you’ll notice some text on his gun that reads “A Salt Rifle.” Which is just… I can’t even. This is a cyborg commando on his off day: kind of lame, still lethal.

Credit: Blizzard

Grillmaster 76

Biker (Reaper): The best skins in Overwatch manage to conjure the spirit of given hero to a T but in an entirely different context, and BMX Reaper does that about as well as possible. Something about Reaper’s up close and personal shotgunning seems perfectly suited to the idea of an extreme sports daredevil. The fact that the pads are a kind of armor of their own gives the costume a strange sort of sci-fi edge that’s still grounded in 2017.

Credit: Blizzard.

Reaper’s biker skin.

Lifeguard (McCree): I suppose this is how McCree made pocket change in highschool. Consider the fact that the cowboy and surfer dude are both California archetypes of a kind and it starts to makes sense why this looks so good on McCree: the poncho seems to form a jumping off point for many of his skins, whether it’s a cape or in this case, a beach towel. The Lifeguard skin has a bit of the lameness appeal that also makes Grillmaster 76 so loveable.

Credit: Blizzard

Lifeguard McCree

Côte d’Azur (Widowmaker): Femme Fatale is sort of Widowmaker’s thing, and the French Riviera seems a pretty good expression of that concept. Widowmaker and McCree bring up the sex appeal part of this skin set from different angles, even if both of them are decked out in clearly impractical footwear. It’s easy to imagine Widowmaker sunning herself on the beach, not so much for relaxation’s sake but more for the purpose of watching the windows of a nearby resort and waiting for a perfect shot.

Credit: Blizzard

Widowmaker on the Côte d’Azur.

Cricket (Junkrat): Cricket Junkrat is clearly the best of what’s on offer when it comes to the uniformed side of this set. Not being from either the UK or a colony that stuck around long enough to learn Cricket, I don’t know if there are Cricket hooligans the way there are soccer hooligans, but Junkrat cuts a fine figure nonetheless, like a player that wandered into a bar fight after the game. The mask, machinery and modified wheel make up for the fact that uniforms aren’t generally inspired costume choices.

Credit: Blizzard

Cricket Junkrat.


The 5 Best Skins In Overwatch’s Summer Games Event – Forbes

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