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Tony Romo, stray cat save terrible ‘Thursday Night Football’ game – Washington Post

This week’s “Thursday Night Football” game was, let’s say, less than stellar. The Baltimore Ravens beat the Miami Dolphins, 40-0, in a game that ended with two backup quarterbacks on the field. The Dolphins started their backup, but the Ravens’ backup came in only after Joe Flacco was knocked out of the game by a vicious hit from Kiko Alonso for which he may be suspended.

But all that’s beside the point thanks to a delightful few seconds that saw a stray cat run onto the field.

Even better for viewers: The cat’s sprint was accompanied by excellent commentary from Tony Romo, the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback who has found a new home in the CBS broadcast booth.

“So look at this, Jim,” Romo said to broadcast partner Jim Nantz. “This is how you ran in high school.”

“Exactly,” Nantz replied.

“Look at that. Perfect form. Extension. I mean, and it doesn’t even get fazed if there’s people around,” Romo continued as the cat juked right, skimming the edge of the field. “Ooo! Look at the change in direction. Does he get both feet in right here at the end, Jim? He’s in!”

“He turns it upfield,” Nantz said.

“That’s way too much fun at this point,” Romo added, seemingly acknowledging the dud of a game. “I feel like we’re just in that tired mode where you’re delirious …”

Romo’s play-by-play came with just 1:50 left in the fourth quarter.

Those who stayed up to watch the whole game, including at least one dog, appeared to appreciate the few moments of entertainment.

This isn’t the first time Romo has earned positive reviews for his commentary, although it is the first time he has been lauded for his cat commentary. Defying skeptics who scoffed when CBS Sports hired him in April, Romo has proved to be a more than competent replacement for predecessor Phil Simms, even earning the accolades of at least one current NFL star.

Others have loved the almost clairvoyant insight he offers viewers from the booth.

Not bad for a rookie.

Meanwhile, how the cat got on the field at M&T Bank Stadium remains a mystery, but on Friday afternoon, the cat’s fate was revealed.

“After being well-fed and cared for at M&T Bank Stadium, a stadium employee adopted the cat and named it ‘Rae’ after the Ravens,” the team said on its website.

This is the second-most famous feline related sports incident this year.

Obviously, none of us will ever forget the great saga of Rally Cat, whose magical powers helped the St. Louis Cardinals claw back to beat the Kansas City Royals during a game in August. Rally Cat, who was later taken in by an animal shelter volunteer, zipped onto the field with the score 5-4 just as slugger Yadier Molina was about to bat with the bases loaded. As soon as Rally Cat left the field, Molina went on to hit a grand slam, and the Cardinals went on to win, 8-5.

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