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Troy Gentry’s Helicopter Crash: What Caused The Fatal Accident That Took His Life? – Hollywood Life

We finally have answers in the mysterious helicopter crash that killed country star Troy Gentry. In a new report, the National Transportation Safety Board shares their investigation results.

Troy Gentry, 50, was killed when the helicopter he was riding in suffered from a faulty engine, reports TMZ. The National Transportation Safety Board, also known as the NTSB, released the preliminary accident report and revealed that the helicopter pilot had difficulty controlling the engine. The statement reads that the pilot “was unable to control engine rpm with throttle inputs,” which means the engine stopped responding and therefore left the helicopter and it’s passengers doomed. When the pilot followed instructions to stop the engine completely and autorotate so that it could glide safely to the ground, the attempt to save the helicopter and it’s passengers failed.

According to the NTSB, the engine slowed down so dramatically that the pilot could see the individual blades. The helicopter then fell to the ground from about 950 feet in the air. The report from NTSB also suggests that the pilot tried to hover over the runway long enough for emergency vehicles to arrive, but eventually started the autorotation out of desperation. In even more heartbreaking news, the NTSB report claims that Troy was on the helicopter just for fun. Sadly, his fun excursion into the air resulted in his life being ended far too early. You can see a picture from the crash scene below, though it may be difficult for some people to look at.

Troy Gentry's Helicopter Crash

HollywoodLifers — Leave your kind words and condolences for Troy’s family, friends and loved ones in the comments below. Our thoughts remain with them during this difficult time.

Troy Gentry’s Helicopter Crash: What Caused The Fatal Accident That Took His Life? – Hollywood Life

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